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The Sudanese Research and Education Network (SudREN) is a specialized Internet Service provider dedicated to supporting the needs of the research and education communities within Sudan. SudREN is a non-profit entity operating under the umbrella of the Association of Sudanese Universities. All research and education institutions of Sudan are eligible to become members of SudREN.

Vision :

Efficient utilization of ICTs; to promote national, regional, and International Knowledge-shari


To Develop the national capacity-building through creating supportive environment by interconnecting and connecting students and researches to the global knowledge-providing networks via ICTs.


The objectives of the Sudanese Research and Education Network  are to:
  • - Provide reliable and affordable broadband connectivity to the Sudanese research and educational institutions,
  • - Add values to the Internet services provided to the member institutions,

    - Capitalize the collaboration between SudREN stakeholders,

    - Promote research cooperation among member institutions with their regional and global counterparts,

    - Build an intelligent partnership with the regional and international NRENs,

    - Develop human capacity and exchange experiences between the research and educational institutions.

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