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SudREN Team Participation in UbuntuNet Alliance activities on Uganda - Kampala
       Dr. Iman Abuel Maaly (CEO of SudREN) and Prof. Abdelrahim Osman (member of SudREN's Board of Directors) participated in the 7th Council of Members Meeting (the Annual General Meeting) of the UbuntuNet Alliance. The meeting was held at Metropole Hotel in Kampala, Uganda on 12th April 2013. Elections of Directors was held during that meeting, under the new Constitution as Trustees (Article 8). Dr. Iman Abuel Maaly was reelected a member of the Board of Trustees for two years.  
        The 7th Annual General meeting was preceded by other event (8-12 April 2013), the Eduroam and Advanced Routing Workshop Training event in which two engineers from SudREN participated, Eng. Yassir Elamin and Eng. Amel Hamimi.